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The beginning

Wondering about the future of electronic music?

Then think no further than the talented Daniel Schempp, who is a 26-year-old DJ and music producer based in Trier, Germany.
Early on, he discovered his talent for music and lyrics, but it was not until he attended his biggest electronic dance festival in 2012, that his passion for the DJ industry got ignited. Role models, such as AVICII, David Guetta, and friends in the industry, inspired him in creating his own style of mixing, mashups, and producing his own renditions of crowd and personal favorites.


International DJ residency

Always eager to learn, Daniel honed his skills in the art of music production through years of self-improvement.
In 2017 he got the chance to play his first club set as a German resident DJ in one of Norway’s biggest clubs. His ability to read the crowd's energy, guaranteed him a spot at several Norway festivals.


A dream come true

The biggest highlight in his young career was his Tomorrowland DJ set in 2018 in Boom, Belgium. He got the chance to perform his music on the Sound of Tomorrow Stage for selected young and talented DJs and producers.


Gravity Zero

Daniel started his radioshow, Gravity Zero, on Mixcloud out of his passion for music. His radioshow, gives his fans an insight into his latest music, his favorite tunes, and the opportunity to stay in touch with him.


The next chapters

For a down-to-earth German DJ, his dedication and ambition, his passion and drive, shine through his sets. Daniel Schempp has become a hugely sought out talent in the German electronic, dance and house music DJ scene.

Several European countries, such as Germany, Norway and Belgium, have since recognized Daniel as a huge talent in the German electronic, dance- and house music DJ scene.

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